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Total Peace of Mind is quite a brand promise in the world we live in today. But then again, EnterpriseCC isn’t your typical security and life safety company. From the start, EnterpriseCC was intended to be a company that was truly invested in the community. Here at EnterpriseCC we go above and beyond the competition with a unique combination of services:

  • No Long-Term Contracts. If you have ever been unhappily locked into a contract, we don't need to explain the frustration and dissatisfaction that comes with inflexibility. If you're lucky enough never to have been through this, do a quick ask around or search online and you will no doubt find many people with less than ideal experiences to share. Customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we assume we need to earn your business every day. If we fail to do so, you have every right to change to a company that better fits your needs.


  • Internet Control of Your System. We use the Internet to perform many of our day-to-day functions. It is a model most of us are comfortable with and a perfect way to manage your security or access control system. We work with state-of-the-art technology so you can easily access and manage your systems. This is available with our security options and our Brivo access control systems. Contact us and we can show you these technologies today over a web conference.

  • EnterpriseCC Serenity Watch (We check on the property, water plants, etc. while you are away). When you are away for business or vacation, you can have us check on your property. We can water your plants, collect your newspaper and mail, feed your pet, pick up a package, move your car, or let in the furnace repair company -- because we know security and peace of mind goes beyond technology. As always you can check on your property via video and notification systems. 

With the development of Fast Ethernet over copper/fiber optic cabling, EnterpriseCC will install your premise wiring architecture during the construction or retrofitting of your building. EnterpriseCC's on-site system engineers make all the adds and changes insuring control of the cabling infrastructure.

Our focus is to be extremely efficient in order to deliver quality material. We develop unique processes to produce detailed architectural floor plans. All of our solutions are completely customizable and we will work closely with you to deliver the best material.

Your design engineer built your drawings, but when it comes to the reality of the situation, the cost of what looked great on paper ends up being astronomical to execute.

You always feel better when you can see for yourself that things are okay. Video surveillance lets you keep an eye on your package-receiving, repairman-entering, tenant protection, property protection whichever EnterpriseCC is here to protect them all. 

Current Projects

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