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Security & Surveillance

Surveillance is no longer just about vandalism, shoplifting, fraudulent liability claims,  and scanning your perimeter for intruders; today it is about reducing shrink, improving operational efficiencies, better customer service, and measurable ROI.

While EnterpriseCC works with a variety of video surveillance (CCTV) technologies, we specialize in the convergence of security and information technology. Video systems utilizing information technology infrastructure, or "IP Video" surveillance systems provide unique flexibility and functionality compared to traditional video security systems.

Our expertise and approach allow us to leverage video in a variety of situations, including traditional commercial and industrial facilities, harsh environments, and off-grid applications.

EnterpriseCC works closely with a select handful of Video Management System (VMS) developers that represent the most progressive and capable solutions. 

Video can be used for archival or "forensic" applications, on-site guards, remote verification of events and alarm, or periodic or full-time remote video monitoring. For more information, see EnterpriseCC's Remote Video Monitoring services.

Surveillance is essential to the protection and operation of your business.  We will design a system customized for your specific loss prevention and operational needs, a system that increases productivity and improves profitability.

  • Video Analytics

  • High Definition Megapixel CCTV

  • Video Management Systems (Software-only-Solutions)

  • Digital Video Recorders, Hybrid Digital Video Recorders, Network Digital Video Recorders

  • Wireless Video

  • Remote Access

  • POS/Transaction Verification

  • Cloud-Based Surveillance

  • Cellular Communications


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