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Audio & Video

EnterpriseCC provides Consulting, design, sales, installation, training, and service, of sound/audio, and acoustical solutions for restaurants, church and religious facilities, schools, arenas, auditoriums, industrial and commercial buildings, health care facilities, and airports.

High-quality sound for paging, background music and emergency notification are an effective and desirable method of enhancing the shopping experience and increasing the productivity and safety of schools and the workplace every day.

The use of voice messages to initiate evacuation or relocation during a fire and other emergencies is increasing. Building, fire, and life safety codes typically require voice systems in large assembly occupancies, high-rise buildings, and other spaces where egress is complex.

Mass Voice Notification Systems provides real-time voice announcements and/or tones over speakers to instantly provide critical information and clear, concise directions in emergencies.  These systems broadcast emergency information and evacuation/relocation directives through loudspeakers, horns, visual signs, and strobes conveniently installed where people may be located – both indoors and outdoors.

  • Paging Systems

  • Common Space Audio

  • Televisions Installed and Mounted

  • Control Systems in-wall iPad etc.

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