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Parking Lot Lighting Repair Services

Chose the right provider for your property choose EnterpriseCC

Parking lot lighting is a critical and necessary  component of patrons’/employees’ safety and security. 

Whether replacing burnt lamps, ballasts, transformers, controls, or locating and repairing underground circuits, EnterpriseCC will keep your parking lot lighting system shining and protecting bright.

We offer 24/7 emergency services, call us if you have any type of lighting, electrical, or signage emergency. Other related services we provide include: light pole inspections, parking lot pole repairs, banners and decorations, night time inspections, signs, interior lighting, and flagpoles. No job too big or too small.

Our electricians specialize in LED parking lot lights and exterior lighting maintenance work such as:

  • Light pole repair (up to 40′ heights)

  • Inspection & replacement of lamps

  • Ballast replacement & repair

  • Time Clock adjustments, programming & repair

  • Fixture/Lens replacement & repair

  • 24/7 Emergency electrical service


EnterpriseCC provides all these services all along the East Coast as of 2021. Expansion is always top of mind here at EnterpriseCC.


Parking Lot Light Service

EnterpriseCC is the source to take care of all your parking lot light and lighted area repairs, sign and electrical needs. We are the experts at lighting repair, lighting upgrades, electrical service, energy audits, and energy savings recommendations with guaranteed return on investment calculations. 

EnterpriseCC has been helping property owners and managers control costs, improve lighting levels, reduce their costs and the impact on the environment since 1999.

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