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On Site Security


LVT units set up instantly, from jobsite to jobsite.

One of the biggest hurdles you face on the job is that you have no way to keep your site, your machines, your tools, secure.

LiveView Technologies fixes that problem for contractors. Within minutes you can roll up a mobile LVT surveillance unit, set the camera up, and you're recording video. You can monitor your site day or night. Set up alerts and notifications when someone enters your perimeter, and use thermal sensors or license plate readers to see what's happening at night.

And you can see it live OR recorded anywhere in the world. Just log in to the LVT Platform and your construction site is safe.



We don't blink, so you can.

You're busy. You don't have time to sit around and watch surveillance cameras all day.

So don't.

Instead you can set up alerts and notifications when someone enters your site at night, or when a piece of equipment moves when it shouldn't. Or if a blacklisted license plate enters your site. You don't need to watch the live feed all the time because we don't blink.

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