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Marina Network Solutions

Choosing the correct provider is key, especially in the realm of vacation or peaceful hobbies. Having a solid provider is something that is needed in the communications world. 

EnterpriseCC has been in the industry for over 20 years, with over 170 years experience just within top level employees. 

Accessible, Reliable Internet

  • Some marinas are conveniently located near metropolitan areas with access to many ISPs. For more remote areas, EnterpriseCC can utilize a wireless backhaul to provide access. If a marina is close to cell towers with high-speed data services, we can utilize these data services as long as the wireless carrier can provide the right bandwidth. We will work with all options available to determine the right access to suit your needs and your budget

Durable, All-Weather Equipment

  • There is no way to prevent a lightning strike, but when designing a marina WiFi network, EnterpriseCC uses the best lightning protection available to prevent damage to other pieces of the network. As your Marina WiFi Service Provider, we protect your investment by taking into account environmental hazards like salt corrosion and storm damage, and factoring in the costs of protective gear and replacement equipment when designing your marina WiFi network.


Maximum Coverage

  • A lot can get in the way of good marina WiFi coverage, including metal or concrete buildings, other large yachts, or too many boaters eating up WiFi on a holiday weekend. EnterpriseCC can install a dual-band network (2.4 & 5 GHz) to double potential wireless bandwidth, support backwards compatibility with older devices and to help eliminate interference. With these multi-use technologies, everyone can access their devices at once without a loss of speed.

Bandwidth Management

  • The days of one device per user are long over. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles and more are running rampant on networks. Left to their own devices – pun intended – users can eat up bandwidth and slow your WiFi network to a crawl. Want to ensure a good marina WiFi experience for everyone? EnterpriseCC’s technology can cap user bandwidth so everyone stays connected with reliable, always-on coverage.

Free or Paid Access

  • Whether to offer free WiFi, paid WiFi or both is an important decision you must make. Your WiFi can raise your marina’s profile and reputation if you do it right and give boaters what they need. EnterpriseCC delivers both with tiered free and higher bandwidth options. We can integrate with your PMS system to authorize charges directly to a customer bill, and offer the flexibility of free zones for common areas.

Have a property outside our coverage area?

- We have you covered with EnterTASIT

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