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Design Services

Consulting and Design
Making the right decisions in the earliest stages of the design process can save time and money, EnterpriseCC can even value engineer your project to save costs overall. We are here to help your needs, we'll work with you to find the right solutions package.


RFP Administration
During the design phase, we will draft a budget plan which can later be used as a road map for leveling bids. EnterpriseCC offers a RFP administration to align bids with design and project expectations, as well as saving costs. 


Project Management
Forget RFIs and endless change orders, the EnterpriseCC Team will manage and oversee every aspect of the implementation by the various low voltage trades, to ensure a well executed project.


Sometimes a project requires a custom solution. We also offer product and industrial design services, and can develop unique solutions to fit any specifications.

Choose the best and go with EnterpriseCC.

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