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Home Automation & Smart Home

At EnterpriseCC we can work with builders and homeowners to give our customers a smart home that is capable of anything the end user is looking for.


Whole Home Audio

Whole Home Audio: We have the ability to put music anywhere in your house. Whether you like to listen in the shower, in the kitchen, or on the back patio, we can integrate a system that can be controlled by any smartphone or tablet.

Lights & Shades

Set your lights on a schedule to help wake you up in the morning, be on when you get home from work and turn off when you go to bed. Pair this with shades and you have complete control of lighting throughout the whole house. Our lighting control options give you a wide array of features that can be controlled from anywhere in the world.


Video Control

We make it possible so you don’t have to see any equipment in your living room. At EnterpriseCC we can hide equipment in remote locations while still giving you the ability to control it all from your couch.


Control thermostats in your house from anywhere in the world so you aren’t heating an empty house or set them to a schedule so you are always comfortable in your home.

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