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Surveying, Rodding, Roping & Innerduct Placement

EnterpriseCC provides rodding, roping and innerduct of the existing underground conduit systems connecting manholes. By utilizing their experience and patience, our mechanics have cleared sections of obstructed conduit inaccessible to others. These mechanics are also trained to survey circumvention routes in the event of a total duct collapse. Furthermore, we offer engineering surveys for those clients who have limited resources.

Fiber Optic Cable Placing

EnterpriseCC's quality continues within our Aerial & Utility Division. We possess cutting- edge equipment and vehicles for both underground and aerial installations.


Our vast experience has led us to implement many safeguards in underground placement of cable, assuring the integrity of the installation.

Fiber Optic Air Assisted Cable Placing

Air assisted placing is another method EnterpriseCC uses to lay fiber optic cable. This method is mainly used for fairly straight runs in aerial innerduct and underground conduit. Here at EnterpriseCC we have expanded on these installations to blow cable in the underground systems in the tri state area.

Construction & Aerial Services

  • Feeder for Sub-Rings and ROLTS

  • Fig. 8 Self Support up to 288 Fiber CT.

  • Splicing JSO and PDO enclosures

  • Aerial Construction

  • Underground Construction

  • Make Ready and turn Key Projects

  • D lash, Re-lash and Over-lash


Underground Services

  • Direct buries of RG6 and RG11 both standard and CIC

  • Bores – sidewalk, driveway, and road

  • Conduit buries

  • Directional boring


Throughout every part of the overhead distribution system you can depend on EnterpriseCC for qualified services.

Ranging from new-build, replacement and improvement projects. In cable transmission it’s the little things that burden the overall quality of the system. In thousands of aerial projects throughout our history our objective is to get it done right the first time, efficently and professionally. 

Our extensive aerial fiber optic construction experience, runs back to 1999. Running fiber requires specialized equipment, expierence and trained staff. 


Our technicians, project managers and C level team are highly experienced in all types of long line construction and distribution.

Safety is a number one priority, from equipment to our team. Aerial work is no exception. 

Work smarter not harder. 


Utility Construction


Fiber Optic Splicing and Certification

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