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The Asbury Hotel - Securing the shore

As many are aware EnterpriseCC provided full scale low voltage, security, access control and building wide communications at The Asbury Hotel. After installing an on site based NVR (network video recorder) the client had some reliability issues with the product. The on-site system had one flaw, no cloud backup. This majorly concerned the client as if someone gained access to the server and pulled the drives all data would be lost. Well EnterpriseCC recommended Eagle Eye Cloud Video Recorders. This solution along with our already superb Axis cameras would be a winning solution. Adding some HikVision cameras with a budget in mind this solution has been providing the client a winning choice for securing their hotel guests and staff with peace of mind. Cloud retention is on hand and the system is all managed from our headquarters in Jersey City. Should anything happen all playback and download access is within a few clicks reach.

This is the future Cloud Security from EnterpriseCC.

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